Treatment for digital dermatitis, foot rot and abscesses in dairy cows and beef cattle

10 lb bucket of HTD ointment
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Hoof Trimmer's Dream is a product I came up with out of necessity. I’m a person who has a core belief that if something isn’t working then there has to be a better way. I have tried several different commercially products as well as created many different ointments on my own.

I was inspired by the Holy Spirit through a dream with the formula for a product that I later named Hoof Trimmer's Dream. This ointment is waterproof and made with chlorine as its base. This chlorine was identified in my original dream as part of the correct formulation.

Designed by a Professional Hoof Trimmer:

It wasn’t until seeing the results of Hoof Trimmer's Dream that I realized I had a product that was ready for the industry. I had personally wrapped this ointment onto over 7723 lesions in my first 12 months of using this product. (See details on this research on the home page). This product had surpassed every expectation. It has been proven very effective not only on digital dermatitis, but also on foot rot and every other type of abcess and lesion we hoof trimmers encounter and treat on a daily basis.

Wooden Blocks help Facilitate Healing of the Hoof

Because of using this ointment I have also seen a substantial reduction in how many blocks I am putting on in a day. When there is an abscess, or a sole ulcer on one of the claws, I will glue a 3/4” wooden block onto the claw that isn’t affected. I have tried several different types of blocks made out of either plastic or rubber, but I like how the wooden block slowly wears down. This allows the cow to gradually start putting more pressure onto the injury which helps in the recovery of the cow. The purpose of the block is to remove pressure from the injured claw while the cow walks and allows it to heal.

We sometimes find many different types of objects that puncture the sole of the hoof, as shown in this picture. Usually these objects create an abscess. Once the foreign object is removed, and the injury cleaned out, the healing process can begin.

Faster Healing Means Milk Production Resumes Faster

Hoof Trimmer's Dream speeds the recovery of the injury. This faster recovery translates into fewer trips back into the hoof trimmer's chute. It also means she is back to being comfortable and producing milk much quicker which is the ultimate goal. The longer it takes for the cow to get back to health, the greater the chance the cows production will drop to a point where she will need to be culled.

Antibiotic Free:

Starting in January 2018 we were required to have a prescription for the antibiotic tetracycline. Tetracycline was the main medicine used for treating digital dermatitis. There was the concern that when the hoof trimmer applied the antibiotic to the foot, that it would work it’s way into the milk. Even though I was never completely happy with the results from this product, it was fairly effective, and always the product I kept going back to.

No Milk Withholding:

With Hoof Trimmer's Dream being a chlorine based product rather than an antibiotic base, there is no milk withholding. When antibiotics are used, the cow has to be placed in the hospital pen until the antibiotic is out of her system. This is costly to the producer, because they cannot sell the milk.

Environmentally Safe:

Chlorine is a product that will evaporate when exposed to the elements. With Hoof Trimmer's Dream there is no fear of contaminating the ground water or the milk. Chlorine has been considered safe enough to drink, as well as to let our children swim in for years.


Regardless of how hard the dairyman tries to provide clean dry areas for the cow, there are usually areas where there is water and slop. Many of the products used to treat digital dermatitis and other foot problems are water soluble. Hoof Trimmer's Dream is waterproof. As a hoof trimmer it was always frustrating to freshly wrap a lesion and then watch the cow walk through water, knowing the product I had just wrapped on was turning to mush, and quite possibly running out the bottom of the wrap.

Effective Control of Digital Dermatitis:

I doubt digital dermatitis will ever be eliminated. To even reasonably control digital dermatitis, it takes equal cooperation between both the dairyman and the hoof trimmer. If the dairyman is doing their part through cleanliness and proper foot baths, and the hoof trimmer is using Hoof Trimmer's Dream, then digital dermatitis can be effectively controlled. With my personal dairy customers I have seen a dramatic drop in the severity of the digital dermatitis lesion, since I began using Hoof Trimmer's Dream (see graph on home page).

Quick Recovery of Lesions and Dermatitis:

Typically there is a noticeable difference in the lesion within three days. I encourage the wrap to be removed after three days. In severe cases the lesion may still be active after the first treatment. Continue treatments until lesion is no longer active.

I Rate the Severity of Lesions on a Scale of 1-3:

When these lesions are a #3, they are not only much harder to control, but more costly to the producer. They cost more to the producer because they usually need to be treated more times to get them under control, and also they are more painful for the animal. When a cow is lame, they have no desire to walk. The less they walk to feed and water, the less they consume, which translates to the less milk they produce. More milk in the tank means more money for the producer. The hoof trimmer is a vital part of any dairy operation. The fewer times we need to retreat any lame animal equals more maintenance trims we are able to perform. Cows that are regularly maintenance trimmed, often have fewer problems with lameness.

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How to Apply the Ointment on the Lesion

Hoof Trimmer's Dream is very easy to work with in treating the affected lesion. It is easiest to apply with a spoon. I liberally apply an amount that will cover the affected area either onto a cotton pad or directly onto the wrap. The ointment usually causes very little pain when applied to the lesion. Many products on the market cause a burning sensation to the cow when the ointment is wrapped onto the lesion.

Watch this video to see how dermatitis and lesions are treated

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