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10 lb bucket of Hoof Trimmer's Dream ointment

Hoof Trimmer's Dream Ointment

This is an ointment for treating digital dermatitis as well as every other problem that requires treatment to the hooves in both dairy cows and beef cattle. The amount of treatments will depend on the size of lesions to be treated.

The affected area should be liberally covered with ointment, and then wrapped. There are some who will argue that you shouldn’t wrap the hoof after applying the product because wraps create more problems than good. This hasn’t been my experience. I have tried different spray-on products with limited results. See our home page for more information.

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10 lb bucket of Hoof Trimmer's Dream ointment

There are many different lesions on a cows hoof that can have a negative effect on her productivity. The main problem is Digital Dermatitis. This lameness issue is also commonly referred to as Hairy Heel Warts, Hairy Hoof Warts and Papillomatous Digital Dermatitis.

This is an antibiotic free topical ointment for the safe effective treatment of these lesions. This ointment has also been proven effective on all other hoof related problems, including sole ulcers, abcesses and foot rot, sometimes referred to also as hoof rot.

A 5 lb bucket treats an average of 100 lesions.
Price $95.00 plus shipping and tax.

A 10 lb bucket treats an average of 200 lesions.
Price: $55.00 plus shipping and tax.

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