The Hoof Trimmer's Dream

Daaron Hamilton
Daaron Hamilton

I've been a professional hoof trimmer since 2000. I was lucky to grow up on a farm outside of Colfax, WA., where our family has lived since 1877. I have never been happy with any of the products on the market for effectively treating digital dermatitis, foot rot and other hoof lesions.

On March 12th, 2018 I had a dream that revealed the formula for Hoof Trimmer's Dream. It has exceeded every expectation. I proved the effectiveness of the ointment by wrapping and testing over 7723 lesions and digital dermatitis on dairy cows from March of 2018 to March of 2019 (see results below).

10 lb bucket of HTD ointment
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This ointment is very easy to work with. I have used it in single digit temperatures as well as in the 100’s. When it gets hot, it will melt. When this happens you just stir it up and it loses none of its effectiveness.

I personally use a spoon to either put it directly onto the vet wrap, or if it is melted I use the spoon to put it onto a piece of cotton. If the lesion I am wrapping is between the claws then I will also put the ointment onto a piece of cotton, in order to easily put it up in between the claws. Is tacky to the touch so this allows it to adhere very well to the lesion it is being applied to. See our treatment of dermatitis and lesions page for more information and a video on how the ointment is applied.

Graphs and statistics showing the effectiveness of Hooftrimmers Dream

Because of so many variables, data isn’t always easy in this business. The dairy, referenced in the pie charts shown below, has a little under 500 cows, but they’re very consistent. They’re consistent on their footbath, and they’re consistent on the type of cows they pull for me. I trim here every two weeks.

Regarding the digital dermatitis, there has been a dramatic decrease in the severity of the lesion. The pie charts below show this very clearly. After getting the higher severity of digital dermatitis under control, we have been able to focus our attention on problems when they are much smaller and easier to control.

Using Hooftrimmers Dream has also made a substantial difference in the number of total blocks used between 3/31/18 and 3/30/19 on abscesses and sole ulcers. This is compared to those used between 3/31/17 and 3/30/18. There was a 34% decrease in total blocks applied. When using this ointment, I have fewer repeats, which creates an environment where fewer blocks are needed.

Because of having fewer repeats it freed up more time to do maintenance trims. In the calendar year 3/31/17 to 3/30/18 I trimmed a total of 364 different cows. In the calendar year 3/31/18-3 to 30/19 I trimmed a total of 488. That means I was able to increase maintenance trims by 34%. Even though I was able to trim 34% more animals, my total hoof trimming bill decreased by 14%. I will have more data coming in the future.

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